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Changing The Past

Chapter 7

"Idea? What kind of idea?" Johnny Cage stalked off, and Liu followed, trying to keep up with him. The sorcerer stood from his throne and turned to leave. Johnny began to ran, caught up with him, and tapped him on the shoulder.

"Hey you." Tsung spun around to meet him. A fake smile pasted on his face.

"Mr. Cage, how may I help you." He sounded slightly annoyed.

"I came to challenge Kano for tomorrow's fight. I want to take Eric's place."

"Mr. Cage, you have already had your chance to fight somebody. Tomorrow's fights have been planned in advance…"

"I understand that, but Eric is badly injured and he is in no condition to fight."

Shang Tsung give him a smirk. "And that's my problem? Its all the better for me, because then I know that he will lose and Sonya will be mine forever." He turned to leave, his robe billowing in their faces.

"See you tomorrow, earthlings."


Shang Tsung turned to leave, the smile left on his face. When he was far enough away he let out a sadistic laugh. "Stupid mortals." He entered the castle and turned down the hall, taking a gold key out of his pocket.

As he came to a door, he slid the key in the keyhole and opened it.

Inside was a beautiful gold room. Gold patterned walls, a gold canopy bed with gold sheets, and a gold fireplace. Hanging from the ceiling was a gold cage, and inside was Sonya Blade, dressed in gold.

She looked exactly the way she had looked when he first saw her. He had been scouting out the Earth warriors to see his competition. He had found her at a friend's party, wearing a gold dress that went down to her thighs. When he first saw her he knew she was "the one". Her beauty intrigued her. Something about the look in her eyes caught him and he knew. He knew that he was going to make her his and spend centuries taming her like a pet horse until she broke and became his. Now she's mine. The thought brought shivers through his spine. She was his own little toy that he could play with until he got tired of her.

"Hello, my pet." His voice was silky smooth.

"What do you want?" Her voice was panicked. She backed up against the bars of the gold cage.

He didn't reply, taking off his black robe, his vest, and his shirt. He was bare from the chest up, and he turned to stare at her.

"What do you say we play a little game?" He stepped towards the door of the cage. She fell down.

"Leave me alone." She snapped. "I want nothing to do with your 'game'." He merely laughed, bringing out another gold key and walking menacingly toward the cage.

He got so close that he could close his fists around the cage and stare at her.

"Are you scared Miss Blade?" He questioned her.

He threw the door open and reached for her long, smooth legs. She kicked at him, but he grabbed her ankles and drew her forward.

"NOOOOOOOO!" She screamed, struggling to get away. "NOOOO Let me go!" He grabbed her around the waist.

"There's no point in fighting. My fighting skills are far more superior than yours."

She brought back her arm, and threw her fist into his face full force. He stumbled back, losing his grip on her waist. She jumped down off the cage and ran to the door.

"It's locked, Sonya, you can't escape me."

She turned to glare at him. "I hate you." She said. "You know very well that Eric won't be able to fight for me tomorrow. You planned it that way, didn't you?"

"Of course." He smiled proudly. "Nothing ever happens without me planning it. But don't worry, I know his friends seem to be intent on getting you out. Just earlier Mr. Cage tried to convince me to let him take your fiance's place."

"But you wouldn't let him?" she lowered her head. Why is he doing this to me? she thought, forgetting about his ability to read her mind.

"Of course not." He stepped towards her, holding her chin up. "You are meant to be mine. Please." He said. "Please stop fighting me. I can give you everything you want, and more."

"Eric loves me." she whispered.

"Love is not within my reach." The sorcerer admitted. "But I can pretend to love you. I can pretend like you are the most important thing in my life." He stroked her chin. "If you will let me."

"You are a conniving ass hole and I will NEVER forgive you for killing Eric like this." She snapped. She pulled away from him.

Shang stood in contemplation, staring at her. He watched her turn to go back to the cage, a small look of defeat on her face.

"Alright." He said. She turned to watch him. |"I will allow Cage to fight in the place of Eric… But only if you make a deal with me."

"Anything you want you can have." She told him.

"If I give Cage this fight, and he loses, then you must promise to give yourself to me. I want you to become mine, and stop fighting me." She looked into his eyes.

"You'd do that for me?" she asked.

"Of course, my dear. I guess its only fair to you."

"Fine, it’s a deal."


Johnny groaned and covered his eyes.

"Liu, I know you are not waking me up at five in the goddamn morning!"

"Its seven in the goddamn morning, and it is time to go find out today's fights."

"Ahh sonofabitch." He muttered to himself. "Eric! Hey Eric! Wake your ass up!"

"Sonya?" Eric darted up from his bed, looking around in wide-eyed confusion.

"No loverboy. Its Johnny. We gotta get showered and change, 'cause todays gonna be even worse than yesterday…


"Ok so today we get to meet the Mortal Kombat champion… that's nice. What kind of name is Goro?"

"What in the hell…" Johnny stared at it. "Hey I'm scheduled to fight Kano today."

"I guess Tsung changed his mind. And Eric your scheduled to fight that Goro guy… He must be a good fighter because they just have a long list of people who are going to fight him today." He added. "But you’re the first."


Shang Tsung watched the guards chain Sonya to the wall. Walking over to her, he but his hand on her waist.

"So today's the day." He gave her his lustful look. "How's it feel losing your freedom."

"If you're trying to pretend that you love me then you're doing a shitty job." She snapped. "Do you mind? you're blocking my view."

"You're mine Sonya, whether you like it or not." He snarled, and returned to his throne.

"Hey Shang, are we gonna start this thing or not?" Kano demanded. Sonya watched him in contempt, and he threw her a little wink. "What's the matter baby?"

"Eat me." she threw back at him.

"That can be arranged…"

"As soon as Johnny Cage arrives." Shang Tsung cut in. "Ahh there he is now."

"Well, well, well if it isn't scrawny ass Cage." Kano mocked as he entered the garden.

The two circled eachother, glowering at each other until Kano finally threw the first punch. Cage caught it, twisting it around, and used his other hand to punch Kano twice in the face. Kano grabbed him by the neck, forcing him to let go of his arm.

"Nice try Cage." He lifted Cage up in the air, and his red eye began to glow.

Johnny hit the joint on his arm hard. He gripped his arm in pain, and Johnny fell just as the laser came out of his eye. He growled angrily and turned to hit Johnny with his deadly laser. Johnny did a flip over the laser, and landed on his feet, he kicked Kano's legs out from under him. Kano fell the the ground, and Johnny repeatedly kicked him as he attempted to get up. He fell on his back, and Johnny took the chance to step on his neck.

"Finish him." Shang said emotionlessly.

Johnny stood on his neck as he tried helplessly to find air. But no help was given to him, and finally he went limp.

"Johnny Cage wins." Shang motioned to the guards, who began unchaining Sonya.

Eric ran to meet Sonya, where he hugged her and lifted her off the ground.

"Well…" Shang stood. "A joyous occasion I can see. But my loss is soon to be compensated. It seems that Eric, you're scheduled to fight Goro."

To Be Continued…..